A Letter Of Visions From The CEO Of My Virgin Escort

CEO of my virgin escort

Dearest consumers, faithful clients and customers,

The reason i penned this short note to the larger public represents a depiction of this industry as a whole, and mainly is my heartfelt concern towards Virgin Escort and the overall assets of the company. The landscape of the said industry had transformed itself like every other things that humanity had its grasp on. Evolution by right should be an improvement but neither do we acknowledge a praise of good service nor we share our experiences. The nature of human kind plays a big role onto the overall avalanche of the above mentioned industry; in spite of that, Virgin Escort will still hold on to it’s conceptual believes; and that we will remain the same as how we were. Despite of the epidemic that affected 80% of the population, My virgin Escort’s operations, her visions and the destination that she pursues will remain the same as it was. On behalf of My Virgin Escort and Modelling services, WE BELIEVE THAT GOOD THINGS ARE ONLY MEANT FOR THOSE WHO QUALIFIES. 

with sincere regards,

Samantha Chong



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